PTX-003C Alteisen


Following on the heels of the PTX-001 Gespenst Type R and the PTX-002 Gespenst Type S, a third Gespenst unit would be constructed, referred to as the "Gespenst Test Type". However, for reasons unspecified by Mao Industries personnel, this unit was considered a failure and further development on the Gespenst series temporarily halted while Mao Industries continued to develop its Personal Trooper concept.

Later, when the Gespenst Mk II was in mass production and plans for a successor unit were being developed, project leader Dr. Marion Radom selected the abandoned PTX-003 to use as a basis for her Gespenst Mk III plan. Although by this time Extra Over Technology was in common use Dr. Radom chose to almost obsessively rely on Earth based technology in her designs, as she fostered a deep distrust of the alien technology. As such the Gespenst Mk III concept would feature only earth technology, and as a result would earn the nickname "Alt-Eisen", meaning "Old Iron".

Intended as "A machine capable of breaching enemy frontlines with absolute firepower," the Alteisen would be equipped with numerous high powered, close combat weapons. Its primary armaments included a solid-firing three barreled "Automatic Machine Cannon" mounted on its right arm, an oversized explosive-driven, armor-piercing stake called the "Revolver Stake" mounted on its left arm, and the "Square Claymore," a pair of shoulder-mounted titanium ball bearing launchers. A solid-bladed, electrically-heated blade mounted on the unit’s forehead rounded out its arsenal. A series of rocket boosters for speed and heavy armor plating would complete the machine.

The machine’s reliance on solely Earth based technology would prove to be its Achilles heel; the completed machine was so unbalanced due to its heavy weapons loadout that only the most skilled pilot could manage to keep the machine standing. Due to this, the Alteisen concept was utterly rejected as the next generation Gespenst, and the only completed unit was given to Ace test pilot Kyosuke Nanbu, considered the only pilot capable of handling such a poorly balanced machine.

Kyosuke would make good use of this unit, creating his own attack formations utilizing the mech’s heavy weapons loadout to its fullest degree. His signature attack, which he called his "Trump Card" (Kirifu) used his machine’s every weapon to perform a single devastating attack. When partnered with its sister unit Weißritter, Kyosuke Nambu and his Partner Excellen Browning were capable of performing the combination attack "Rampage Ghost", wherein both units performed a blitz maneuver, firing their respective weapons so rapidly that an enemy did not have time to evade or erect a defensive shield.

PTX-003C Alteisen
Other Names:
Gespenst Mk-III
22.2 meters
85.4 tons
Kyosuke Nanbu
Fixed Armament:
Heat Horn (mounted on forehead), Triple Barreled Automatic Machine Cannon (mounted on left arm), Revolver Stake (mounted on right arm, cylinder fed (6 rounds)), Square Claymore x2 (mounted on shoulders)
Optional Armament:
Split Missile Launcher
SRW Attack List:

Split Missile
Heat Horn
Triple Barreled Automatic Machine Cannon
Revolver Stake
Square Claymore
"Kirifuda" (Trump Card)
Combination Attack:
Rampage Ghost (Weißritter)


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