YSF-33 Calion


One of the "Series 77" units developed by Tesla Raihi Laboratory for Project TD, also known as Beta Proto. These fighters were based on the Divine Crusader's Armored Module, Lion series. Equiped with the new experimental Twin Tesla Drive, Calion can fly at high speeds in atmosphere and has high mobility in space. But this also means Calion is very hard to handle.

The original design was intended for space exploration and wasn't armed. This was changed by request from Isuruki Heavy Industry, sponsor of the project. Calion is armed with homing missiles and a pair of "G Driver" gravity cannons. It can ram enemies with super-sonic speed. Since this usually cuts the target in half the technique was named Sonic Cutter. Its combat capability is undoubtably high if the pilot can use it properly.

Srei Prestie and Ivis Douglas were assigned as test pilots of YSF-33-1 Calion Unit 1 and YSF-33-4 Calion Unit 4. Both of them escaped from Tesla Raihi Lab when it was captured by aliens known as Inspector. Srei soon left the team to join Neue Divine Crusader, taken the Unit 1 with her, and Ivis' Calion was destroyed in her attemp to stop Srei, though Ivis herself is safe and got the new machine YAM-007-1 Astelion.

YSF-33 Calion
Other Names:
Beta Proto
33.1 meters
51.4 tons
Srei Prestie, Ivis Douglas
Fixed Armament:
homing missiles, "G Driver" gravity cannon x2 (mounted on wings)
Optional Armament:
SRW Attack List:

Homing Missile
Sonic Cutter
G Driver


Special thanks to Kuruni for the profile.