SRG-01 Grungust Type One

SRG-01 Grungust Type One

Through cooperation with Mao Industries, Testla Leight began its own line of high powered, close combat oriented mobile weapons known as the "Super Robot Grungust" series. These machines were designed around the concept of overwhelming strength and power contained in a single machine, and their construction was on a massive scale. Each of these Super Robots towered over a standard Personal Trooper.

After the complete success of the prototype Grungust Type Zero, the TLI set to work on the creation of a test type that would work out whatever problems were seen in the initial prototype. To this end they designed the Grungust Type One. The Grungust Type One was externally very similar to the Type Zero, and retained most of its weapon systems, including an upgraded form of the Hyper Blaster known as the "Final Beam" and the Boost Knuckle. The Zankantou (Colossal Blade) of the Type Zero was omitted in favor of a smaller sword, known as the Keito Ragouken (Calamity Blade), which the Grungust appears to summon from subspace through the use of Extra Over Technology. A skilled pilot is able to make good use of this sword through use of the "Ankensatsu" (Darkness Slash) attack pattern. The Grungust also features a pair of laser emitters mounted in its eye sensors known as the "Omega Laser", although these are not extensively used in its standard mobile weapon mode. Additionally, the Grungust was equipped with shuriken styled explosives known as the "Break Cross" in at least one point of its development.

The biggest problem faced in the design of the Grungust Type Zero was mobility. While a battleship engine allowed enough boosters to propel a machine on its scale, such energy expenditure was wasteful and overly expensive to maintain. To fix this problem, the TLI’s primary objective for their Grungust Type One was to allow for greater adaptability to its terrain. This would be accomplished by the addition of two transformation sequences to the design, to allow for greater air and surface speed.

The first of these transformations was the Gust Lander, which reconfigured the Grungust’s body into a mobile tank. In this mode, caterpillar treads located in the Grungust’s legs propelled it across any terrain with minimal power consumption, although this configuration did create a new problem for the machine. In a tank-like configuration, most of the Grungust’s weapons systems were no longer accessible. For this reason, additional missiles and a drill-like energy attack system would be implemented to continue to allow close to mid-range bombardment even in tank mode. Additionally, because they are not used in this mode, the mech’s booster pylons have been designed to double as a pair of long range launchers that would be labeled the "Omega Cannon".

The Grungust’s Second transformation mode was the Wing Gust, which reconfigured the massive machine’s legs into a working air-foil to allow atmospheric flight. Without this feature such a feat would be otherwise impossible for a machine as large as the Grungust. This mode suffered the same drawbacks as the Gust Lander in terms of disabling the Grungust’s major weapon systems. Like the Gust Lander, oversized missiles were added to the design to compensate for this shortcoming. The Omega Laser system in the Grungust was still functional in Wing Gust mode, and would receive a temporary upgrade through the rediverting of power when in flight configuration. A spiraling energy attack would be added to this mode as well.

At least eight Grungust Type Ones were built, with the first being given to lead designer Jonathan Kazahara’s own son, former PTX team member Irumgard Kazahara. Irumgard would continue to use this Grungust through the remainder of the Divine Wars conflict and afterwards. According to some reports, Irumgard also helped to requisition a second T-Link System equipped model for friend and comrade Brooklyn "Bullet" Luckfield. There are also reports of a Grungust Machine having been rebuilt with parts from the Grungust Type 2.

Appearances Super Robot Wars 4 (SNES), Super Robot Wars 4 Scramble (PSX), Super Robot Wars F (PSX), Super Robot Wars F-Final (PSX), Super Robot Taisen Original Generation (GBA), Super Robot Taisen Original Generation 2 (GBA), Super Robot Wars Original Generations (PS2), Super Robot Wars Original Generations 2 (PS2), Super Robot Wars Original Generation Divine Wars (anime)

SRG-01 Grungust Type One
48.7 meters
357 tons
Irumgard Kazahara, Brooklyn "Bullet" Luckfield
Final Beam (mounted in chest), Omega Laser (Head Mounted), Boost Knuckel (forearms), Big Missile, Keito Ragouken (Calamity Blade) (hand carried in use), Break Cross (hand carried in use)
SRW Attack List:

Omega Laser (SRW 4/F/F-Final only)
Boost Knuckel
Final Beam
Break Cross (SRW 4/F/F-Final only)
Keito Ragouken (Calamity Blade)
Keito Ragouken Ankensatsu (Calamity Blade Darkness Slash)
Gust Lander

Omega Cannon
Big Missile
Drill Attack
Wing Gust

Double Omega Laser
Big Missile
Spiral Attack


Head Variation

Wing Gust

Gust Lander

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Production Drawings

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