RTX-008R/L Huckebein

RTX-008R/L Huckebein

Having had great success with their Personal Trooper concept, Mao Industries set their sights on a mobile weapon that would integrate the new discoveries made from reverse engineering the alien technology discovered within Meteor Three, known as Extra Over Technology. To this end an offshoot of the Personal Trooper line was created, known as the Real Trooper.

The first unit in this Real Trooper design series would be known as the RTX-008 Huckebein, which was heavily based on the data collected from the PTX-005 Wildschwien. Powered by an experimental black hole generator jointly developed by Mao Industries and the EOTI (Extra Over Technology Institute), the Huckebein would theoretically have a power input many times higher than that of a conventional Personal Trooper. Be equipping the mech with lightweight armor and high powered armaments, it was hoped that such a great power output would result in a unit that was lightning fast, extremely maneuverable, and with devastating firepower.

Two identical prototypes would be built, both featuring this new experimental generator. However, during the initial activation of the RTX-008R the unit’s Black Hole Generator would overload and go critical and instantly destroy the entirety of Mao Industries lunar testing facility, leaving only three survivors. This would become known as the "Vanishing Trooper" incident, and as a result the RTX-008L unit would be sealed indefinitely, until such time when the Black Hole engine could be stabilized. Rumor would have it that the vanishing trooper incident was actually deliberate internal sabotage, intended as a double fake to mask mankind’s ability to reverse engineer alien technology in the hopes of catching the invading aliens off guard. It is said that had the Vanishing Trooper incident not happened, the invading Aerogators would have destroyed the earth outright, as it would then pose too great a threat to themselves.

Despite being sealed, the completed RTX-008L unit would ultimately be fielded to defend Mao industries against the Aerogator’s attack, piloted by Mao Industries own CEO Lynn Mao. The Huckebein would go on to play a role in the L5 campaign, as well as the later War against the Inspectors, Einst, and Shadow Mirror forces.

The most powerful weapon the Huckebein is equipped with is the Black Hole Cannon, which uses the full power of the Huckebein’s generator to create a localized quantum singularity that can be offensively fired at an enemy, causing intense gravity based damage. As an additional weapon the Huckebein was equipped with the Rip Slasher, an improved version of the Wildschwien’s Circle Zanber that could be remotely guided towards an enemy. Topping off its armaments the Huckebein also featured head mounted heavy vulcan style machinegun cannons, as well as the close combat Rouche Saber, an improved version of the plasma cutter featured in the Gespenst series. The Huckebein could additionally use any general weapon designed for Personal Troopers.

The name Huckebein is in reference to an impish raven from a mid 20th century German comic strip, fitting given the Huckebein’s troublesome nature. As a result of the vanishing trooper incident, all Huckebein units would superstitiously be considered cursed machines.

RTX-008R/L Huckebein
19.8 meters
60.4 tons
Raidiese F. Branstein (008R), Lynn Mao (008L), Leona Garstein (008L)
Fixed Armament:
Rouche Saber, head vulcan x2, Rip Slasher, Black Hole Cannon
SRW Attack List:

vulcan gun
Rouche Saber
Rip Slasher
Black Hole Cannon


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