DCAM-004 Lion

DCAM-004 Lion

Isurugi Industries had a long standing history of developing weapons of war, with special expertise in the design of fighter planes. When they were presented with Extra Over Technology by the EOTI council and approached to produce new mobile weapons in secret for Bian Zoldark’s personal army, they quickly took up this challenge. Combining the fuselage of a fighter plane with the new testla drive yeilded better than expected results. Because the testla drive allows flight without the need of an aeorofoil, engineers were free to change the weight and air distribution of their fighter planes, ultimately creating a roughly humanoid weapons platform that would become known as the Armored Module. The initial production unit for this series would be given the coded acronym "Learning-automation Integrated EO-technology and conventional maNeuvering", which would be shortened to the machine’s final name: the Lion.

The Lion was built primarily using parts from the development of existing fighter planes, and was specifically based on Isurugi’s recent Schwart fighter, making its price tag extremely low. Because it was equipped with a testla drive, it was much more capable of flight than any standard Personal Trooper. Even though it was not capable of wielding anywhere near the firepower, nor did it have the same kind of armored protection as a Gespenst, its low production cost and flight capacity made it a far more economical weapon. At the outset of the divine wars, the Lion series drastically outnumbered the Gespenst, despite having had a shorter development period.

Further, because adding extra weight and changing the external design of the mech did not hinder its balance or reduce its performance in any way, several terrain specific variants of the Lion would be produced. Typically, the Lion would be equipped with an arm-mounted rocket launcher, an arm-mounted linear launcher, and chest-mounted vulcans, as well as a small handheld saw like assault blade. While these armaments were relatively light for a mobile weapon, the Lion none the less would prove its worth in combat, both as a single unit and as a cheap, widely produced machine.

After the end of the Divine Wars, Isurugi Industries opened its doors and began to sell the Armored Modules it had produced to the EFF, where it would be redesignated the RAM-004 and replace the Gespenst as the Federation’s standard mass production unit.

Appearances Super Robot Taisen Original Generation (GBA), Super Robot Taisen Original Generation 2 (GBA), Super Robot Wars Original Generations (PS2), Super Robot Wars Original Generation Gaiden (PS2), Super Robot Wars Original Generation Divine Wars (anime)

DCAM-004 Lion
20.9 meters
34.3 tons
Tenzan Nakajima, Elzam Van Branstien, Leona Garstein, Ibis Doublas, Srey Presty, Ryoto Hikawa, Seolla Scheizer, Arado Balanga
Special Equipment:
Testla Drive
Vulcan Cannon (mounted on fuselage), Homing Missiles (launcher mounted on forearm), Railgun (mounted on arm), Assault Blade (hand carried in use)
SRW Attack List:

Homing Missile
Assault Blade


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