R-2P Real Personal Trooper Type-2 Powered

R-2P Real Personal Trooper Type-2 Powered

Because the development of the R-Series had to be pushed forward several times despite many engineering difficulties in incorporating new technologies into a largely untested design concept, the design line was plagued with rollout issues. Due to these factors the R-2 was originally deployed in an incomplete state, lacking the "Plus Parts" Module. When this module was finally added, the R-2 was redesignated the R-2P, or "R-2 Powered". With the incorporations of these new parts, the R-2 now had access to its signature weapon, the extremely high powered Hi-Zol Launcher. The Hi-Zol Launcher was essentially a pair of five barreled beam cannons equipped on the shoulders of the R-2, which were powered by the Tronium engine. A standard Personal Trooper would never be able to generate enough power to utilize such a weapon, for the R-2 this is not an issue. The R-2 Powered still retains all of the weapons and functionality of the base R-2, and can now combine with the R-1 and R-3 Powered to form the SRX.

Like all units developed in the R-Series, once complete the R-2 serves a dual purpose – first to function as a stand alone mobile weapon, and second to serve as a component piece for the SRX (Super Robot Type X) super weapon platform. The R-2 forms the core of the completed machine, with the high output Tronium engine serving as the power source for the completed machine.

As a part of the SRX team, pilot Raideise F. Branstein and his companions have created a number of formation attacks, most notably the "R-Formation", which utilizes all three R-Series machines to their fullest in an all out coordinated assault.

R-2P Real Personal Trooper Type-2 Powered
24.2 meters
152 tons
Raidiese F. Branstein
Special Equipment:
Tronium engine, Anti-Beam Field
Head Mounted Vulcan Cannons x2, Beam Chakram (mounted on forearm), Magna Beam Rifle, Hi-Zol Launcher (Beam Cannon x2, mounted on shoulders)
SRW Attack List:

Gattling Gun
Beam Chackram
Magna Beam Rifle
Hi-Zol Launcher
Combination Attack:


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