DCSMH-01 Valsion
DCAM-001 Valsion

DCSMH-01 Valsion

The EOTI, lead by Bian Zoldark, had been planning its coup for years. It is said that Bian Zoldark had been aware of the threat of an alien attack even before Meteor 3 gave mankind definitive proof of extraterrestrial life. Various reports even indicate that the EOTI had known about and even received alien technology from the Inspectors long before the Aerogators had made their existence known. Because of this fact, the EOTI had plans in motion for Mobile Weaponry far more advanced than the Gespenst long before initiating the Divine Wars. To this degree, the EOTI initiated its Super Machinery Humanoid series of mobile weapons.

The first unit in this new series of mobile weapons was the Valsion. The Valsion, along with the Granzon, were among the EOTI’s anti-extraterrestrial plans. While the EFF knew about and had provided funding for the Granzon, the Valsion was the EOTI’s secret ace in the hole. While it was not actually as powerful as the Granzon, Shu’s fickle nature was known (and welcomed) by Bian Zoldark; as a result the Valsion was considered the Divine Crusader’s top weapon.

The Valsion was completely designed around Extra Over Technology, featuring both a testla drive and a Gravicon system. This provided the machine with surprising mobility, as well as excellent protection against any possible attack. Like the Granzon, the Valsion was equipped only with a sword, known as the Divine Arm, as its external weapon, but unlike the Granzon the Valsion had no control over subspace wells and so had to carry this weapon on hand at all times. The Valsion did feature two internal weapon systems, both based on EOT. The first, known as the "Cross Smasher", emits two oppositely charged beams, which attract and repel each other equally to form a single powerful spiraling beam attack. This Cross Smasher weapon system would become the trademark of the Super Machinery humanoid series, and was much stronger than a conventional beam weapon. The second EOTI based weapon equipped on the Valsion was the Mega Graviton Wave, a multidirectional attack that used charged energy to form a gravitational anomaly which would damage all units in its immediate vicinity.

While his motives were initially unclear, even to many of his subordinates, Bian Zoldark was an honorable man. Despite his importance to the Divine Crusaders, the Valsion had been custom built and fitted so that the pilot would be none other than himself. Because of this fact the Divine Crusaders considered the Valsion to be the very symbol of its power, and Dr. Zoldark intended that the Valsion be the last hurdle faced for anybody wishing to defeat the Divine Crusaders.

According to some sources, the SMH project was connected to the early stages of the Armored Module concept and as a result this machine bears the alternate modeling number DCAM-001.

Appearances Super Robot Wars 2 (Famicon/NES), Super Robot Taisen Original Generation (GBA), Super Robot Wars Original Generations (PS2), Super Robot Wars: Divine Wars (anime)

DCSMH-01 Valsion
57.0 meters
55.0 tons
Bian Zoldark
Special Equipment:
Testla Drive, Gravicon System
Divine Arm (hand carried), Cross Smasher (mounted in shoulders), Mega Gravicon Wave
SRW Attack List:

Divine Arm
Cross Smasher
Mega Gravicon Wave


Production Drawings

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