PTX-006R/L Wildraubtier

PTX-006LR Wildraubtier

While the Personal Trooper design line had been highly successful, there remained one important flaw with which Mao Industries struggled. Due to the restrictions of Earth based technology, it was exceptionally difficult to develop a unit capable of aerial battles. The EFF fighter planes were greatly outclassed by known Alien weaponry, and a Personal Trooper was needed that could cover this vital field of combat. To compensate for this issue, Mao Industries decided upon a transformable unit, capable of changing at will between a humanoid mobile weapon mode and an Aerofoiled flyer mode that could sustain atmospheric flight.

The PTX-006 Wildraubtier fulfilled these requirements, but there were many flaws that its developers struggled with. Wildraubtier means "wild bird of prey." The unit’s transformation sequence remained unsolved, an issue that nearly caused the death of initial test pilot Kyosuke Nambu. During its first transformation, the L unit lost stability and was forced to crash land, which caused it serious damaged. It would later be repaired with parts from the R unit, and reassigned to SRX team member Ryusei Date. The transformation feature was completed, and the unit would ultimately serve as the prototype for the SRX projects R-1.

Due to its variable nature, the Wildraubtier’s combat capacity was quite good. It was equipped with a Hyper Beam Rifle, hand held in its humanoid trooper mode, and mounted on the underside of its Aerial FM mode. For close combat, it is equipped with a solid bladed dagger, and in FM mode it features a number of Anti Air and Anti Ground missiles.

PTX-006R/L Wildraubtier
17.9 meters
55.1 tons
Kyosuke Nanbu, Ryusei Date, Lattoni Subota
Anti Air Missile, Anti Ground Missile, Aerial Bomb, Hyper Beam Rifle
SRW Attack List:

Anti Air Missile
Anti Ground Missile
Aerial Bomb
Hyper Beam Rifle


Special thanks to Neo Roanoke for the profile.