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Dirty Pair is among the classic 80’s science-fiction anime series that fans on both sides of the Pacific have enjoyed for years. The Dirty Pair got their start in a series of novels by Takachiho Haruka that started in 1979. When Crusher Joe, another novel series by Takachiho, made it to the big screen as an anime movie the Dirty Pair appeared as a movie that characters in the Crusher Joe movie were watching. Science-fiction fans were pleased to see the Dirty Pair make a cameo in the Crusher Joe Movie (Crusher Joe returned the favor in the Dirty Pair OAV Affair on Nolandia). The Dirty Pair got an anime series of their own when Studio Nue and Sunrise Productions worked together to make the TV series in 1985. Although the last 2 episodes of the TV series were released as OAVs the Dirty Pair were popular enough to appear in 2 more OAVs, a ten episode OAV series and a movie.

In the year 2140 humanity has spread to the stars. More than 3,000 planets have their own governments. An interstellar organization called the WWWA (Worlds Welfare Work Association) offers a host of services to planetary governments in order to aid peace and progress among the stars. Kei and Yuri are trouble consultants for the WWWA. Under the codename Lovely Angel they travel the galaxy solving mysteries, apprehending criminals and protecting important people. However, they’ve caused so much destruction and panic in the process that most people know them as the Dirty Pair.

Dirty Pair is a light-hearted, action-packed series of stories about the cases Kei and Yuri solve. There is no main storyline or recurring villains. The Dirty Pair owe a lot to the James Bond movies. The Dirty Pair logo was modeled on the James Bond 007 logo. James Bond themes continue to show up in Dirty Pair such as the short station break animation in the TV series showing the famous iris that starts off every James Bond movie. The OAV series even has a Dr. Q who makes gadgets for the Dirty Pair.