Gall Force
Gall Force Destruction

Gall Force 2 Destruction is a science-fiction anime OAV that was released on November 21st, 1987. It continues the underlying story that began with Eternal Story. Incredible space battles and a fast-paced plot make this a favorite anime with many mecha fans. Well known artist Sonoda Kenichi provided character designs and Kakinuma Hideki wrote the script and contributed roughly half the mechanical designs. Other Mechanical designs were done by Yumeno Rei.

As a Solnoid fleet leaves the battlefield after destroying the Paranoid homeworld they encounter debris floating in space. A well-preserved soldier is found frozen in the cockpit of a Bronze-D. This soldier is resuscitated and turns out to be Lufy, an ace pilot from an expeditionary force sent years ago to the Ninth Star System. She becomes a pilot aboard the Lorilei and meets Shildy, Amy and Spea. Lufy is surprised to see Catty, a comrade from the Star Leaf years ago. As the Lorilei is ordered to the Ninth Star System Lufy is allowed into her new friends’ secret cabal and learns that the Catty she knew and the Catty she’s just met are both android copies of the real Catty, an intelligence officer charged with carrying out the Species Unification Plan. However, the war with the Paranoid is going badly and after the destruction of the Solnoid homeworld the Species Unification Plan was abandoned. Now 80% of the Solnoid’s combat forces are mass produced cyborg troopers. The Catty androids dispersed among the Solnoid fleets have become regular soldiers ordered to keep their android identities a secret.

The Ninth Star System, where the only successful species merging occurred, is about to become another battlefield. Shildy and the others are alarmed at the possibility of losing the new life that began there. Lufy, however, is as determined as the Solnoid leadership to continue the war regardless. Catty hacks into the Lorilei’s computer systems and learns that a terrible weapon, a system destroyer, is disguised as a planet in the Ninth Star System and will be used to annihilate everything. The group sets off to infiltrate the system destroyer in a desperate attempt to preserve the solar system.

Gall Force 2 Destruction is available on DVD and is highly recommended.