RPT-007 Gespenst Mk II M

RPT-007 Gespenst Mk II M

After creating three Gespenst Mk II Prototypes, Mao Industries settled upon the final production type Gspenst Mk II. Directly based on the Gespenst Mk II R, the mass production type has been slightly simplified in order to further reduce production costs. Its power output has been reduced to a small degree, and its armor is not as thick. The Neo Plasma Cutters stored in the units left arm have been replaced with a new melee weapon, known as the "Jet Magnum". Each Neo Plasma Cutter has been replaced by a "Plasma Stake", which can be charged to release a blast of energy when punching, mimicking the close range prowess of the Strength Type Gespenst. The Gespenst can still be equipped with a Neo Plasma Cutter, although these can no longer be stored on the forearm. Typically armed with the M950 machinegun, the Gespenst Mk II M is capable of using almost any weapon designed for the PT series of mechs. To save costs, some of the features of the pre production gespensts have been omited, notably the beam coating and remote weaponery.

This unit would be used as the EFF's main mass production mobile weapon until the end of the Divine Crusaders war, and would find itself in the hands of many pilots. As a result, Gespenst Mk II M’s have been seen in a variety of colors. Only a few dozen had been built by the outbreak of the divine wars.

RPT-007 Gespenst Mk II M
21.2 meters
72.4 tons
Kai Kitamura, Katina Tarask, Russel Bergman, Latooni Subota, Excellen Browning, Kyosuke Nambu, etc.
Fixed Armament:
Split Missile Launcher x2 (mounted on backpack), M950 Machine Gun, Jet Magnum (mounted on left forearm), ect. (can use any Gespenst weapon)
SRW Attack List:

Split Missile
M950 Machine Gun
Jet Magnum


Katina Tarask

Kai Kitamura & Russel Bergman

Model Photos

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