DCAM-005 Barrelion

DCAM-005 Barrelion

Isurugi created a groundbreaking new mobile weapon concept with its armored module, combining the lightweight speed and aerial capacity of a fighter plane with the robust versatility of a mobile weapon. However, the lightweight and limited armament of their mainstay DCAM-004 Lion was a liability. To remedy this problem, a support unit was created in the form of the DCAM-005 Barrelion.

While it was constructed in much the same fashion as the Lion, combining aircraft design with a testla drive for mobility, the Barrelion would focus on heavy armor and weaponry. The Barrelion’s fuselage would be in effect an enormous rail cannon affectionately dubbed the "Big Head Railgun". A pair of high-powered beam guns were mounted on the machine’s back. The arms themselves were replaced with a pair of clip-fed missile launchers. Ultimately the Barrelion would in essence become a heavily armored mobile turret. Because it was somewhat heavier than the Lion, the Barrelion’s flight capacity was more limited, becoming more of a hovering machine than a flying machine. Despite this fact it still boasted mobility on par with that of a personal trooper, if not better.

A large number of Barrelions would be built to supplement the Divine Crusader’s Lions. Like the Lion, after the Divine Crusaders conflict had ended, Isurugi contracted the Barrelion’s design to the EFF, where it was redubbed the RAM-005.

Appearances Super Robot Taisen Original Generation (GBA), Super Robot Taisen Original Generation 2 (GBA), Super Robot Wars Original Generations (PS2) Super Robot Wars Original Generation Gaiden (PS2) Super Robot Wars Original Generation Divine Wars (anime)

DCAM-005 Barrelion
23.6 meters
40.7 tons
Tenzan Nakajima
Special Equipment:
Testla Drive, ASRS (Aviation Safety Reporting System), Boost Drive, Plasma Generator
Missiles (mounted in arm launchers), Beam Cannon (mounted on back), Big Read Railcannon (mounted on fuselage)
SRW Attack List:

Beam Cannon
Big Head Rail Cannon


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