R-3P Real Personal Trooper Type-3 Powered

R-3P Real Personal Trooper Type-3 Powered

Because the development of the R-Series had to be pushed forward several times despite many engineering difficulties in incorporating new technologies into a largely untested design concept, the design line was plagued with rollout issues. The R-3 compounded these problems due to the temperamental nature of its installed control systems, and as a result of these development delays the R-3 would be deployed in an incomplete state. With the addition of the completed Plus Parts Module, the now complete R-3 would be redesignated the R-3P, or R-3 Powered. In addition to allowing the R-3 Powered to combine with the R-1 and R-2 Powered, the plus parts module served as an additional weapons platform for the R-3, as well as providing the machine with additional armor protection and increased mobility. This weapons platform adds the Telekinesis Missile to the R-3 Powered’s armament. This new type of missile is telekinetically guided by the psychodiver pilot, allowing the R-3 to extend its trademark pinpoint accuracy to guided missiles.

Like all units developed in the R-Series, once complete the R-3 serves a dual purpose – first to function as a stand alone mobile weapon, and second to serve as a component piece for the SRX (Super Robot Type X) super weapon platform. The R-3 serves as the completed SRX’s T-Link System, with pilot Aya Kobayashi providing the necessary Psychic Energy to form a Telekinetic Field (Nendou Field) strong enough to keep the experimental robot in one piece, as well as to power its Psychic based weaponry. The R-3 also serves as the SRX’s main propulsion mechanism, and as such it is equipped with several Testla Drives.

As a part of the SRX team, pilot Aya Kobayashi and her companions have created a number of formation attacks, most notably the "R-Formation", which utilizes all three R-Series machines to their fullest in an all out coordinated assault.

R-3P Real Personal Trooper Type-3 Powered
24.7 meters
186.2 tons
Aya Kobayashi
Special Equipment:
T-Link System, Testla Drive
60mm Vulcan guns, Beam Sword, Strike Shield, Telekinesis Missile (loaded in the Plus Parts Module), Psychic Energy Laser Cannon (Nendou Sasshushiki Laser Cannon)
SRW Attack List:

Gattling Gun
Beam Sword
Telekinesis Missile
Strike Shield
Combination Attack:


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