DCSMH-02 Valsioune

DCSMH-02 Valsioune

The founder of the Divine Crusaders, Dr. Bian Zoldark, always knew his plans might fail. His hope was that somehow, through armed conflict, a faction would arise that would be capable of defending the Earth from any potential alien threat. In the case of his defeat and death, he had created a contingency plan – the Second Super Machinery Humanoid model, Valsioune.

This machine would be entrusted to his own daughter, Ryune Zoldark (Lune Zoldark), knowing that she would continue on her own terms her father’s will to battle extraterrestrial threats. Because Ryune hated the original design of the Valsion, the Valsioune was painstakingly designed in a form she would find more pleasing. To this end the Valsion was built not to resemble a frightful mobile weapon, but rather was designed in the image of a beautiful woman.

The built-in equipment of the Valsioune was similar to that of the Valsion, though somewhat less powerful because of its smaller size. The Valsioune appears to have an internal testla drive, as it is capable of flight and is extremely swift compared to other mobile weapons. Due to its speed and small size, the Gravicon system of the Valsion was omitted, and the Valsioune is instead protected by its own speed and the capabilities of its pilot. Ryune’s reaction time combined with the speed of her machine are such that she can create illusionary after images of her mech, an invaluable defenses system no energy wall could emulate. Like the Valsion, the Valsioune is equipped with both a Divine Arm (albeit a smaller version), and the Cross Smasher weapon system. Unlike the Valsion, the Valsioune can carry a hand-held Hyber Beam Cannon, which she appears to summon in a way similar to the Granzon’s summoning of its Granworm Sword. The Mega Gravicon wave of the Valsion hs been replaced by the more compact Pycho Blaster weapon system, which, like its predecessor, uses a field of energy to damage all enemies in its vicinity. Ryune has control over what this energy field damages, making this attack for all intents and purposes nearly identical to the cyflash of the Cybaster, although somewhat less powerful and based on completely different technology.

The Valsioune is unique among mobile weapons in that it lacks a conventional seated cockpit in favor of an internal motion control capture system. This system is similar to the later Direct Motion Link system, and can be considered its predecessor. The Valsioune emulates Ryune’s every movement, with Ryune herself situated in an internal cockpit with a 360 degree view. These controls system are sophisticated enough to allow the Valsioune to emulate even Ryune’s facial expression.

In the hands of Ryune Zoldark, the Valsioune is a capable weapon that would be more than able to continue her father’s work. However, Ryune would have no interest in leading the Divine Crusader remnants; after an initial failed attempt to avenge her father’s death she would immediately join forces with the Hagane crew after becoming attached to Ando Masaki, pilot of the Cybaster. Altogether, the Valsioune’s power and speed were nearly equivalent to that of the Cybaster, and the two would become partner machines from that point on. Ryune would even go so far as to join Masaki in returning to the otherworld of La Gias at the end of the Dark Brain conflict.

According to some sources, the SMH project was connected to the early stages of the Armored Module concept and as a result this machine bears the alternate modeling number DCAM-002.

Appearances Super Robot Wars 3 (SNES/Super Famicon), Super Robot Taisen Original Generation (GBA), Super Robot Wars Original Generations (PS2), Super Robot Wars Original Generation Gaiden (PS2), Super Robot Wars Original Generation: Divine Wars (anime)

DCSMH-02 Valsioune
24.6 meters
39.7 tons
Lune Zoldark
Special Equipment:
Testla Drive, After Image
Divine Blade (hand carried in use), Hyper Beam Cannon (summoned, hand carried in use), Psycho Blaster, Cross Smasher (mounted in shoulders)
SRW Attack List:

Divine Blade
Hyber Beam Cannon
Psycho Blaster
Cross Smasher


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