Jhon Weinziel

Jhon Weinziel

FEMC #20, Jhon Weinziel is an orphan who wandered the barren steppes of Kastenpo as a child. During his wanderings, he encountered a lone fatima named Vasche and befriended her. Vasche recognised his potential as a headdliner and began teaching him advanced combat techniques. Jhon fell madly in love with Vasche, however their union as master and fatima was not to be.

Aisha Codante encountered Jhon in her journey across Kastenpo and attempted to recruit him, but he proves resistant to her persuasion. In book 11 Aisha tricks Jhon into accepting fatima Palsuet as his fatima.

Jhon will become a leading member of the 3rd Mirage Corps and pilot a Cross Mirage.


Special thanks to Nu Soard Graphite for the character profile.