Five Star Stories Storyline

Five Star Stories is made up of many stories that fit into a greater whole. Below you'll find a list of the stories' names in order of appearance along with a brief synopsis for each.

Prologue: Juno 3960
FSS Act 1: Destiny Three Fates
--#1 Destiny Lachesis
--#2 Clotho the Sleeping Witch
--#3 Traffics part 1
----Episode 2(?): -The Silver Knight-
----Episode 3(?): Beyond 7777 -New World: Taika-
--#4 Wandering Atropos
----Episode 1: Delta Belune 2121 -Ghost from the AD Century?-
----Episode 2: Water Dragon
----Episode 3(?): The attmpted Coup de Tate by Green left
----Episode 4: Zanda City
----Episode 5: Both 2992 -The Emperor Rescue Mission-
----Episode 6: Delta Belune 4100 -B Side-
FSS Act 2: The Majestic Stand
--#5 The Chivalries (Chevaliers in English version)
----Episode 1: Destiny Three Fates "Atropos" final episode: The Right Leg of Built.
----Episode 2: Delta Belune 2995
----Episode 3: Kalamity AD 8383 -Return of the Fire Witch-
----Episode 4: Addler 2997 -The Dance of the Puppets-
----Episode 5: Both 2997 -Two of Posthumous Works-
----Episode 6: Kalamity 2998 -Stone of Peacock Blue-
----Episode 7: Both 2999 -First Blow at Sasha Town-
----Traffics 2: Episode 8: Both 3001 -A Black Fates-
----Episode 9: Addler 3007 -Les Hyper Chevalier
--#8 3159 Monarch Sacred: Delta Belune 3007
--#5 The Chivalries (continued)
----Episode 10 Float Temple 3010 Ghost from the AD Century -The Black Three-
----Chapter 5 Epilogue: Messenger from Phantasmagoria (JOKER 3010) -Last piece of the Chivalries-
--#6 The Majestic Stand: Part-1 A Fancy 44 minutes.
----Side Story: Promenade 1
--#6 The Majestic Stand: Part-2 Smoke Walls
----Episode 1: Escape from Hathuhunt
----Episode 2: Three Storm Princesses
----Episode 3: Traffics 3
----Episode 4: True Innocent Emperor
----Episode 5: Prima Classe Hugtrang (Promenade 2?)