Mortar Headds by Nation

Here is a list of mortar headds from the story arranged by nation. Click on the name for a profile and images. Some mortar headds are used exclusively by a single nation while others are more common models that see use by more than one nation. For example, the Siren A is used only by the Fillmore Empire while the Helmine is used by nations other than the Rosso Empire.

Amaterasu Kingdom Demesnes (AKD)
Bakinnrakkan Holy Empire
Buchtgma / Ba-Hatma
Cornerra Empire
Fillmore Empire
Gamattssiant Republic
Hathuha Union Republic (Holy Atoll Dynasty)
Holy Cobalkan Empire
Mejojo Empire
Rosso Empire
Trio de Colus
Trun Union / Trun Federal Republic
Umoth National Socialist Republic