Eidrian Tag

Eidrian Tag

FEMC GL #07, one of the Joker galaxy's most notorious professional assassins, Eidrian Tag was once a member of a "murder for hire" organization on Addler. Constantly on the run from police and bounty hunters, Eidrian plies his trade amongst the galaxy’s elite, oftentimes hiring himself out as a replacement headdliner, then using his position to get close to his target. At one point, Eidrian joined the Knue Syltiss knighthood, but determined that they did not suit his flashy style and left them.

He infiltrated the AKD on a mission to assassinate emperor Amaterasu and hasn't been heard from since. Of course, Amaterasu made him a member of the Green Left, making him FEMC GL #07. He is the AKD's secret master assassin.

During the course of the Green Left's attempted coup against the AKD, he gained the enmity of fledgling Orange Right Mirage Mishalu Ha Lonn. Eidrian managed to sever her hand during the battle but withdrew before being able to kill her due to the appearance of Douglas Kaien. Later, in 2997, Lonn and Tag will have their rivalry put to rest with an honorable showdown to the death.

Eidrian Tag is nicknamed "Paison" and is partnered with Koop fatima Meiran.


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