Ladios Sop

Ladios Sop

Ladios Sop was Amaterasu-no-Mikado's name during adolescence and this is the name he assumes when going out unofficially. Where Amaterasu is a platinum haired albino, Sop has light brown hair and lightly tanned skin. Even though Sop and Amaterasu look like different persons, Amaterasu cannot completely hide his unearthly beauty, and Sop is often times mistaken for a lovely young woman (which causes him no end of trouble).

Ladios Sop's cover is that of a mortar headd meister of some repute. His reputation is well enough known that he can travel the galaxy and gain employment in the house of any headdliner or noble. This allows him access to troubled areas where war has broken out and enables him to exert whatever influence possible to lend a hand in a crisis.

Though Amaterasu shows no emotions, Ladios Sop is an easy-going, playful individual with a good sense of humor. His best friend is fatima meight Dr. Chrome Ballanche and he is well aquianted with all Ballanche’s fatima masterpieces. He develops a strong friendship with the headdliner Voards Viewlard, whose playfulness matches his own.

Only the Mirage Knights, the administrators of Float Temple (close servants, of course) and a few of Sop's closest friends (Ballanche, Viewlard, Kaien etc.) know that Sop is really Amaterasu-no-Mikado.


Special thanks to Nu Soard Graphite for the character profile.