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FEMC Green Left no. 10, Spark was born Picking Harris, the daughter of prominent Bakinrakkin headdliner, Olkaon Harris. She began her headdliner career as a member of an ultra left-wing terrorist organization called Gatesieven but eventually left the group for a position in the Ap knights where she worked closely with Ap ace pilot, Jabo Beat. However, her unpredictable behavior eventually got her discharged from the Ap Knights and she took to wandering the galaxy participating in various crime syndicates until she was caught by Amaterasu and was promptly indoctrinated into the Green Left Mirage Corps.

Spark is considered a top headdliner even amongst the likes of the Mirage Knights. Her strength is considered #1 or #2 within the Green Left and of the Oranges, only Amaterasu and Rognar are her match in battle. Spark’s physical abilities are surpassed only by her mental instabilities. Spark/Picking Harris is but one personality of several that she takes. Another persona of hers is that of the gentle Madora Moirai. Madora is even more powerful than Spark. Her strength is so great that she is afraid to use it against anyone for fear of harming or killing them. She once met Dougulas Kaien in Fillmore, who then tested her. She passed with flying colors, denying Kaien a view of her "goods". Kaien sensed her immense strength and did not hold back, yet Madora was unphased by his assault.

As a child, Madora refused to show her strength to her father for fear of harming him, much to Sir Harris’ chagrin. However, Sacred Empress Mismas could sense the power lurking within Madora and was afraid what would happen should it awaken. Apparently, Madora had inherited the strongest blood of the Pure Headdliner bloodline stemming from Nakkandrah Swans. Swans was the last of the AD Empire Chivalries and the progenitor of all fatima. As it turns out, the Sacred Empress was correct. Madora "awakened" and went on a killing rampage across the galaxy. Only through the intervention of the former Shaman of Atoll, Borusha, was she stopped. Borusha used her diver power to seal Madora’s power, but to do so she had to split Madora’s personality in two. This is when the Spark persona was created. Now the Madora personality is a gentle, peace-loving girl who abhors violence. This is confusing to those individuals who can sense the strength lurking within her, as well as those who knew her during her rampage. However, Spark watches Madora carefully. Spark is Madora’s conscience or perhaps, a manifestation of the Id.

As complicated as that might seem, apparently, there is yet another personality submerged within Spark’s consciousness. That of Argon Prominence. Prominence is an AD era Chivalry, one that attained the rank of Kensai during that period. How it is that Madora/Spark is really Prominence is unknown, but it is indeed the real Prominence from the Super Empire. Prominence is so powerful that she refuses to use her strength against headdliners of the current age. The words from Madora "I don’t want to hurt anyone. I will not hold a sword" may have come from Prominence. Prominence only obeys the commands of Emperor Amaterasu, but her true boss is Nein, who has commanded Prominence to guard the life of Princess Lachesis. Prominence wears a hat with the letters K.O.G. emblazoned upon it and it appears as if she treasures it greatly.

After the death of Kaien, Prominence is given the rank of Kensai temporarily to connect the line from Kaien to Maximum but it is merely honorary as Prominence is not from the current age. Even though Prominence is the strongest headdliner in the galaxy, when she reverts to the Spark persona, her strength is suppressed at Spark’s level of performance (which is still far better than most). Even though Spark and Madora’s aura makes people uneasy around her, she is very popular amongst Fatimas. On Float Temple, Spark hosts a very popular cooking show called "Lady Spark’s Cooking Class".

Spark has two Fatima, Berkut and Krakaline. It can be assumed that which Fatima she uses at any given time would depend on which personality is dominant, Spark or Madora. An interesting and mysterious character, there may yet be more about her past revealed as the story progresses.


As Madora

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