Meight: Dr. Chrome Ballanche
Number: BFOS-38
Gauge: A-2A-A-A-B2
Clearance: Flawless
Type: M
Masters: Dougulus Kaien

Auxo is Dr. Ballanche’s 38th masterpiece fatima and the partner of Kensai Kaien. In actuality, Auxo is the very first fatima, Focuslight, created by Dr. Lithium Balance (Chrome Ballanche’s grandpa). Dr. Ballanche re-designed Focuslight into her current form and improved her Power Gauges significantly. Auxo is the recipient of some of Dr. Ballanche’s later innovations that helped in creating his ultimate masterpieces, the three Fates. Kaien got a mere glimpse of Auxo’s secrets when she was almost destroyed by Sir Lester’s Val-Bala attack. Dr. Prisen Corks was on hand to repair Auxo, but warned Kaien that the damage to his fatima was so extensive that her memory would likely be erased. After the repairs were finished, Auxo amazed both Kaien and Dr. Corks by retaining her memory in full.

Auxo is also the surrogate mother (of sorts) to Kensai Maximum. Dr. Meeth Silver Balance used Auxo as the recipient of a specialized ovum which was then fertilized by the sperm of Auxo’s master, Dougulus Kaien. Dr. Silver then removed the fertilized egg from Auxo and placed it in stasis until her own womb adjusted to the changes she made to it.

Auxo was given the accolade of Flawless after the death of her master, Kaien. She now goes by the title of Garnet Auxo. Auxo co-pilots the Schpeltor with Kensai Kaien.


Special thanks to Nu Soard Graphite for the fatima profile.