Ashura Temple

Ashura Temple

The prototype Ashura Temple was piloted by Bishop Iler during its expeditionary mission to Kastenpo for the purpose of data collection. The Ashura combines awesome power with heavy armor to overwhelm opponents on the battlefield. The prototype (with Iler and fatima Ananda at the controls) destroys 30 opponents during its maiden voyage, an unprecedented feat in Joker before falling in battle to a Bangdoll piloted by Cardinal Muse Van Reyback.

Ashura Temple
Ashura Temple
Temple Series
Diamond Neutral
Imperial Mejojo
16.5 meters
160 tons
1.3 trillion horsepower
The Ashura Temple is armed with the standard complement of anti-personnel and anti-material lasers and machine guns as well as missile launchers and anti-armor cannons. For hand-to-hand combat, it carries a battle axe and a veil for protection. The Ashura Temple is also equipped with a special system, which is composed of an extra set of claw-arms mounted in the shoulders. These extra limbs are capable of crushing and lifting other vehicles (including other mortar headds) which immobilizes them, allowing the Ashura Temple to attack unopposed.


Model Photos

Special thanks to Nu Soard Graphite for the mortar headd profile.