Machine Messiah Auge

Machine Messiah Auge

The MM: AUGE is a relic left over from the AD era. It is a machine messiah, the precursor to the modern Joker mortar headd. There are several differences between mortar headd and machine messiah; machine messiah are several orders of magnitude more powerful than the typical Joker mortar headd. Also, machine messiah existed in an era before fatima were used as mortar headd co-pilots, thus they use direct neurological interface to the pilot in order to control its complicated systems. The MM: AUGE is unique in that it still uses the old interface, but has been outfitted with a fatima cockpit as well. What benefits this gives the AUGE is unknown, but the AUGE’s level of performance far outstrips that of standard mortar headds.

The AUGE’s combat capabilities are impressive to say the least. It sports two large active veil systems that cover it nearly from head to toe and beneath the veil it hides a plethora of blades and spears it can use to decimate an enemy unit. The AUGE’s main weapons are its twin spadds. These spadds are larger than a normal mortar headd beamsword and they house an incredible secret: when combined, the twin spadds form a gigantic beam-scythe. With the power to slice mortar headd armor as if it were paper, the AUGE’s Beam-Scythe is a weapon to be feared.

The MM: AUGE’s pilot is Amaterasu family overseer, Green Neipier. He considers his AUGE to be one of the most beautiful Electric Knights in the galaxy and he decides to take on the Engage Octaver: SR-1 to prove it. The AUGE’s fatima is Neipier’s partner, Diode. It is said that the AUGE’s fatima cockpit was created specifically for her.

Machine Messiah Auge
Machine Messiah
None (property of Amaterasu family)
18.9 meters
182 tons
Unknown, but probably at least comparable to MM: Yen Xing. Possibly on par with other Mirage mortar headds.
active veils, twin spadds, beam-scythe, arsenal of blades.