Vatshu, The Black Knight

Vatshu, The Black Knight

The Vatshu is a unique MH designed by Rowmiran Xbin. It is designed to compliment fatima Est (a Dr. Morard design), whose MH control and combat gauges are increased significantly when she's co-piloting Vatshu. This specialization increases the value of both Est and Vatshu, since when paired together they are considered a nigh-unbeatable team. For this reason, the individual headdliner that Est chooses as her master will become "The Black Knight", Knight of the Vatshu (a prestigious title to attain). Many headdliners fought over Est and Vatshu after their creation and even Dr. Xbin died under mysterious circumstances. The Black Knight will dominate the field of battle in Joker for over 1000 years before finally being put to rest with the death of its 5th owner, Grard Sydmian.

Vatshu (The Black Knight)
unique mortar headd
Rowmiran Xbin (pronounced "Crossbin")
none (individual mercenary)
15 meters
138 tons
1.4 trillion horsepower
The Vatshu is outfitted with the standard complement of MH weapons (lasers, machine-guns, missiles, spaads, etc.). In J.C. 2989, it is outfitted with a "Peidoll Spire" (a Colus-made beamlance). The Vatshu goes through a major re-design in the early 3000's after it passes to the 3rd Black Knight, Decors Weissmel, and is converted to heavy armor and upgraded with the latest equipment.


Production Art

Special thanks to Nu Soard Graphite for the mortar headd profile.