Trun Federal Republic (Trun Union)

Location: Addler, Eastern solar system
Ruler: President Mission Routh
Type: Democratic Republic
Capital: Milcwash
Flag MH: Kormals Biblos
Paramount Knights: not appointed (Voards Viewlard)
Palace Guard: no official order
Mortar Headds: Chroma, various (MH Izthat is common)
Knights of the Realm: Special Police Injection (SPI) federal peacekeeping force (60), Trun Federal Knights (900)

The Trun Federal Republic (or Trun Union as it is more commonly known) is composed of various nations which include the Lent Republic (the setting for FSS book 1). Trun has no official palace guard but they do have a special order of knights dedicated to keeping peace known as the Special Police Injection (SPI) which perform duties similar to those of other knight orders, though they tend to have more individual freedom than members of other orders of knights.