Mortar Headd Dorrey

The Dorrey is a mobile hanger and base of operations for a mortar headd, its crew and maintenance team. It is equipped with service and repair facilities and living quarters for the crew. Typical Dorreys are capable of supporting this team for up to 6 months in the field before needing to be resupplied. There are two basic types of Dorreys, the standard Mortar Dorrey, which uses an ezlazer drive system to hover (but not attain full flight) at up to 200 kph and the Air Dorrey, which serves the same purpose as a Mortar Dorrey, but is a high speed, fully flight capable Dorrey (Air Dorreys are designated AMD. Standard Dorreys are simply MD).

Many headdliners are wealthy enough to own their own Dorreys, but most nations tend to supply their knights with a Dorrey as a condition of service. (Mirage Knights are awarded their own personal Dorrey when they attain the Blood Cross. Most other nations give similar treatment to their own palace guard as well.) Headdliners who own their own Dorrey, or those of appropriate rank in their orders oftentimes place personal symbols and design styles on their Dorrey, so its often easy to recognize a specific headdliner by his or her Dorrey.

Typically, Mortar Dorrey’s only posses a bare minimum number of weapons with which to defend themselves. They are generally carrying the best weapon in the galaxy (a mortar head) so there is generally no need for a Dorrey to deploy weapons. However, some anti-aircraft and anti-personnel guns and mines are standard equipment.

Mortar Headd Dorrey
MD-2 Mortar Dorrey
31 meters
Unknown (at least 500 tons)
Unknown (probably no more than 50 million horsepower)
usually a minimum of anti-aircraft and anti-personnel guns and mines


Movie Version

Air Dorreys

Special thanks to Nu Soard Graphite for the vehicle profile.