Artist and mecha designer Akitaka Mika has been entertaining fans for years with his whimsical Gundam Girls illustrations. Listed below are the Gundam Girls from various series. A few Gundam Girls are included here that were not designed by Akitaka Mika.

Mobile Suit Gundam Girls
Gundam MSV (Mobile Suit Variation)
Z Gundam
Gundam ZZ
Gundam 0080
Gundam 0083
Gundam Sentinel Girls
Char’s Counterattack
Gundam F91/F90
Crossbone Gundam
V Gundam
Hathaway’s Flash
G Gundam
Gundam Wing
Gundam X
Gundam Seed
Gundam Unicorn
Other Gundam Girls

These two Gundam Girls are by Mine Yoshizaki.

Gundam Photo Girls

These three images were an ad campaign for a video game in the pages of Hobby Japan Magazine.

Other Girls

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