Meaningless War

This Gundam story takes place in the early UC 0090’s, before the events of Char’s Counter Attack. On one side we have the EFF members, consisting of officers who previously belonged to A.E.U.G. and the Titans. On the other side we have a Neo-Zeon reconnaissance force working with and anti-Earth Federation groups much like the New Summer Project’s Colorde forces. All three groups end up confronting a mysterious group called Neue Getter and their formidable mobile weapons.

Team Reconcile and Team Enforcer were created by the Earth Federation under the same mission as Londo Bell: to stamp down anti-Earth Federation terrorist groups. The two teams typically operate outside of the areas where Londo Bell operates.

Team Reconcile’s membership is made up entirely of former AEUG members while Team Enforcer is made up entirely of former Titans members. All the members of both teams were rejected admission to Londo Bell, but not because of a lack of skill. Both teams consist of a rag-tag band of talented eccentrics and trouble-makers rejected from Londo Bell for one reason or another.

The Mobile Suits used by both teams are unusual. All of the standard high performance models such as the Jegan and GM III are used by Londo Bell, so these teams only use prototype or mothballed designs. The Gundam Mk. IV Siren, Zeta III, Zeta plus CS, Assault Dias and others are all unique designs used by these two teams.

The Neo-Zeon force is a small force which enters the story trying to secure supplies and technology from Anaheim Electronics via "Ado-AEUG" an anti-Earth Federation group with ties to AE that provides support to anti-Earth Federation terrorist groups. The command MS of this team is the Chanel, a variation of the Sazabi.

Team Reconcile
Team Enforcer
Neue Getter