Sir Bester Orbit (Close)

Sir Bester Orbit

Sir Orbit is a member of the warrior branch of the Amaterasu family, and is the head of the Grees dukedom of Orbit, comprised of ten countries in the AKD’s eastern portion.

In JC 2900, he was assigned to be the advisor and sword instructor to crown prince Sarion. Although he should have been appointed to the Mirage Knights, there is no record of it, suggesting that he has decided to dedicate his life to serving His Royal Highness, prince Sarion.

His skill with the sword is incredible, to say the least, and he numbers among his students such masters as Nu Soard Graphite and Poesche Nomien.

Sir Bester himself is an unassuming sort, seldom showing himself in public and, like Rognar, almost never participates in affairs of state. However, he has been given command over Amaterasu’s “other” armed force; the Mirage Divers: a select group of sorcerers from the Diver’s Para Guild (which include White Lynx and Mel Zoom, but also count Biya as part of their numbers like Ting and Sarion) and headquartered in Demon Tower.

It is said that Sir Orbit disappeared after the death of crown prince Sarion. One rumor had it that he was murdered by Amaterasu. He is Green Left no. 09, his fatima is Morard fatima Tec.


Special thanks to Nu Soard Graphite for the character profile.