Amaterasu dis Greens OOE Ikaruga


FEMC GL #04, A prince of the Amaterasu family and in direct line of succession to the throne of Grees, he was given the name of Sarion as a child. Sarion follows the tradition of the Amaterasu family in that not only is he a headdliner of exceptional ability, but also a full fledged diver. By the age of 25 (seven years old for earthlings) he gained the partnership of Ballanche fatima, Majer. His combat training was handled by none other than the greatest swordsman in Grees, Duke Bester Orbit, the master of Nu Soard Graphite and Poesche Nomien.

Sarion murdered his entire family, the Amaterasu royal house of Synarte, and for this he was summarily executed. At least, that is what’s on official record. In reality, prince Sarion was stripped of all his titles and privileges and imprisoned in Hell Tower at Mirage Palace on Float Temple, where the most dangerous headdliner and Diver criminals are held. Even though his family was destroyed and his titles were lost, Fatima Majer and Sir Orbit remained at the prince’s side the entire time.

Sarion was eventually put in charge of the Green Left wing of the Mirage Knights. A secret wing that doesn’t officially exist, the Green Left consists of Amaterasu's most vicious fighters, those he cannot publicly support, but those whom are ultimately necessary (assassins, mad-dog killers and cold-blooded, homicidal maniacs) when all other avenues have failed.

Sarion is very proud to be of the Amaterasu royal line and his national pride in the AKD is unmatched. Though loyal to the throne of Grees and the house of Amaterasu, he felt insulted that a fatima (Lachesis) was elevated above all other natural members of the royalty to be second in the line of succession for the throne. For this reason, Sarion and the Green Left under his command attempted a coup d’etat against the throne during the Emperor Rescue Mission, when it became apparent that something had happed to Amaterasu's powers, giving the Green Left room to reign terror throughout float temple. Even though this attempted coup failed, the Orange Right Mirages do not seem to harbor any resentment toward the prince for his transgressions.

After the assault of the Black Three on Float Temple where Sarion coordinated the defense of the throne and accorded himself with honor (even though he was still highly inexperienced), Amaterasu returned lands and titles to prince Sarion, giving him the name of Amateras dis Greens OOE Ikaruga, establishing the royal house of Emirte and giving him complete command of the Mirage Knights (until such a time as Rognar was regenerated) and the AKD military.

As FEMC GL #04, he commands the Green Left wing of the Mirage Knights. He pilots a LED Mirage and a Jagd Mirage. His personal LED Mirage is decorated with a unique crest that makes him easily identifiable upon the battlefield. He has proven himself to be such a powerful warrior that people have given him the nickname "LED" (after the LED Mirage, the strongest of all mortar headds in the AKD). During the AKD invasion of Addler in 3159 he was so effective on the field of battle that all passing him in the halls of Float Temple bowed to him in honor of his achievements.


As Ikaruga/LED

Special thanks to Nu Soard Graphite for the character profile.