Christine V

Christine V

The daughter of Barbeleuse V, a knight of the Fillmore Empire’s highest knight order, Christine led a life of privilege and wealth until an unfortunate incident where she accidentally killed a classmate (a normal human) for teasing her. Apparently Christine had been the victim of abuse for well over a year’s time due to her classmates’ jealously of her headdliner abilities and she finally snapped. Under ordinary circumstances, she would have been sentenced to death (the typical punishment for a headdliner who kills a normal human outside of warfare) but due to her youth and the extenuating circumstances involved, she was sentenced to have her headdliner powers permanently reduced and confined to house arrest (a process that uses potent drug therapy to reduce a headliner to such a weakened state that they become bedridden).

Due to Christine’s extraordinary headdliner abilities, even at her young age, ace Arcanna Knight Violet Tryton (with the assistance of two Kneu Syltiss Knights) was dispatched to kidnap her before her sentence could be carried out. After a series of harrowing escapes, Christine came face to face with Emperor Lader VIII, who granted Christine the title of Highlander and passes the Lader family mortar headd (the Neptune) into her possession. In addition, Christine inherited her father’s fatima, Ballanche Fatima Machi.

Christine now lives the life of a cursed Chevelier. Doomed to a life of violence and destruction, she exists only to serve the Empire with her skills as a Highlander. Christine V is put in charge of Emperor Erniuth dai gu Fillmore’s headdliner forces riding in the Neptune with fatima Machi at her side.

Note: The letter "V" is the family name. Not Roman numeral 5.


Special thanks to Nu Soard Graphite for the character profile.