Fillmore Empire

Location: Kalamity Godarce, Northern solar system
Ruler: Emperor Lader VIII, Emperor Erniuth dai gu Fillmore V (after JC 3000)
Type: Imperium
Capital: Dyuans
Flag MH: Neptune (Lader family), Prominence (Fillmore family)
Paramount Knights: Barbeleus V, Vralgo Kentauri, Highlander Christine V (after 3010), former Kensai Ena dai gu Fillmore, Blanche Knight Naias Brunhilde
Palace Guard: Kneu Syltiss Knights: Black group, White group, Red group, Blue group, Arcanna Knights
Mortar Headds: Siren A, Siren F, Siren R (White Group), Siren E (Arcanna Knights), Phantom (secret)
Knights of the Realm: Crown Knights (3,990)

The Fillmore Empire is the largest political entity in the Joker Star Cluster. It boasts the Cluster’s largest military force, even exceeding that of the AKD. Much like Hathuha, the population of Fillmore are descendants of the Farus di Kanon (aka Super Empire) of the AD era, which is where much of their power and influence originated.

There are two royal lines that rule the Fillmore Empire. The first is the Lader family and the second is the primary line, the Fillmore family. The current emperor of Fillmore, Erniuth dai gu Fillmore is himself descended from knights of pure blood. The Fillmore Empire has two Flag mortar headds each one belonging to one of the royal families. The Neptune, which belongs to the Lader branch of the imperial family, is currently being piloted by Christine V, who is former emperor Lader VIII's choice as "Highlander" or Imperial Champion. The mortar headd of the Fillmore family, the Prominence is piloted by emperor Fillmore V himself.

Emblems of the Fillmore Empire

Fillmore Empire
Kneu Syltiss Knights