Huselles Carliey

Huselles Carliey

Green Left no. 05, Carliey is a native of the planet Both. She served under the Colus Dynasty as a commanding officer in the Colus military (probably the Trio Temple Knights) however, while commanding an expeditionary mission during a civil war, Carliey lost her fatima partner. Momentarily losing her distaste for combat, she began to wander the galaxy in search of herself, even at one point, trying her hand at assassination. It was during this time in her life that she encountered F.U. Rognar and was incorporated into the Mirage Knights. She is most likely the only respectable member of the Green Left, which is why she was appointed lead minister of the Green Left Corps.

Huselles Carliey earned the nickname "Spinner" because of the unique disc-like weapon that she employs called a "Spiral Saucer". The saucer is controlled by fins on the inside of the spirals which allow it to fly around in more complicated patterns than a boomerang. Such special weapons are the trademark of many Mirage Knights (most especially the Green Left) no doubt a result of what they were originally hired for... murder and assassination. In addition to skill with such unusual weaponry Spinner (as well as all Mirage Knights) is an expert swordswoman.

Spinner’s fatima is Prisen Corks’ fatima Trance.


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