Trio de Colus

Location: Jüno, Southern solar system
Ruler: Colus XXIII, Colus XXIV (after JC 3100)
Type: Imperium
Capital: Jarth
Flag MH: Engage, Junchoon, Engage SR3 (Jade Temple), Engage Mk. 2
Paramount Knights: Colus XXIII, Saylay Colus, Mallory Viewlard HighArachi
Palace Guard: Trio Temple Knights (21)
Mortar Headds: Berlin (number unreleased)
Knights of the Realm: 3 royal orders (Colus, Meistner and Ballanka knights) (1200)

The Trio de Colus is the largest political entity on the planet of Jüno, ruling the three territories of the Colus, Ballanka and Meistner royal families. Each family holds a territory divided into from 7 to 10 provinces. The capital city, Jarth, is located in almost the geographic center of the empire.

The royal heir always comes from the Colus line of royal families. It has been considered a miracle that the Colus heir has been for over 28 generations a headdliner. If there is no Colus heir then a suitable heir from Ballanka or Meistner will be chosen to succeed to the throne and he will then take the name of Colus to keep the line going. There was at one time a 4th royal family, the Melody family, however this family was disbanded due to a scandal which involved the Shaman of Atoll and the head of the Melody family. It is unfortunate that this royal line was disbanded as the strongest of the Colus heirs came from this specific line.

The original Colus flag MH, the Engage Octaver, is currently missing, in the hands of Arr Fortissimo Melody (the last child of the Melody family to be born). It was replaced by Colus XXIII when he designed the Symbol of Colus, Junchoon, but when the Junchoon was sealed with Clotho the Trio Temple Knights commissioned a new MH from MH Meight extraordinaire Diamond Neutral. He built for Colus a new mortar headd based on the Engage Octaver but with much updated technology. The new Colus flag MH is called the Engage SR3 (the Junchoon is considered the SR2) and Colus meights designed the external armor to resemble the Junchoon since the MH would be piloted by Colus XXIII's daughter, Saylay. Sometimes it is referred to as the "Saylay Junchoon" and also called the "Jade Temple" because it was designed by Dr. Neutral (creator of the Temple series of mortar headds).

Emblems of the Trio de Colus

   Trio de Colus
Trio Temple Knights