Meight: Dr. Chrome Ballanche
No: #43 (BFOS-43)
Gauge: 3A-3A-3A-3A-3A
Clearance: None
Type: M
Masters: None (Upandora Raymu, Amaterasu-no-Mikado V)

Atropos is Dr. Ballanche’s 43rd masterpiece and the older sister of Lachesis. Like her sister, Atropos was not subjected to the typical mind control of other fatimas, and as such, she is free to do whatever she chooses, even so far as to not select a master to serve.

Unlike Lachesis, Atropos is a very mature individual who tends toward the introspective. She is displeased with the way her "sisters" (fellow fatima) are treated by society and is angry that her father elected to forgo installing the mind control within her, for without the mind control she is fully aware of the prejudice against fatimas that permeates Joker society.

At the beginning of the tale, Atropos fled her father's estate and took to wandering the barren steppes of Kastenpo (a region on planet Both). It is there that she spends a few hundred years with the fledgling LED Dragon (named Suezo by Sop) and forms a bond with it. This bond will allow Atropos to call on the LED Dragon’s aid wherever she may be.

Sometimes Atropos pretends to be a headdliner and when she does she assumes the name AT.

Atropos is one of the finest fatimas in the galaxy and is a fair bit stronger than the average headdliner (she even managed to defeat Kaien by taking him by surprise). Later in the story, she pairs up with headdliner Upandora Lime and copilots the Knight of Gold 2.


AT (and Suezou)

Special thanks to Nu Soard Graphite for the fatima profile.