Meight: Dr. Chrome Ballanche
No: #01 (BFOS-01)
Gauge: 2A-2A-A-3A-B1
Clearance: VVS1
Type: M
Masters: Deimos Hierarchy, Dr. Diamond Neutral

Fatima Queen is Dr. Ballanche’s very first masterpiece fatima. As the prototypical Ballanche fatima, she was very experimental and includes a lot of unusual (read: unethical) modifications. She is the first fatima he made without mind control and he designed her to be as strong as a typical headdliner, which is against galaxy law.

Queen met her first master, Kensai Deimos Hierarchy in JC 2629, the same day Ladios Sop and Dr. Ballanche first made each others acquaintance. After witnessing an unprecedented feat of skill and speed by Hierarchy, Queen decided he would be her first master.

Dr. Ballanche later used Queen as the surrogate mother for the child of AD era Chevalier Skinzu and Super Empire Baiya princess Vasche, who would be the Kensai Dougulus Kaien. After Hierarchy's death, Queen disappeared, her whereabouts unknown. In JC 3007 she resurfaced as the fatima of prodigal MH/Fatima meight and headdliner-par-excellence Dr. Diamond Neutral.


Special thanks to Nu Soard Graphite for the fatima profile.