Jagd Mirage

Jagd Mirage

This "monster MH" is simply loaded with weaponry. First and foremost, the Jagd Mirage is 3 times larger than the average MH (average height being around 15 meters tall), making it a true monster on the battlefield, and for this reason it mounts more weaponry than any other MH in existence.

For use against other MH's the Jagd Mirage carries a large "Double Nippon-toh" speid, which is a weapon unique to the Jagd Mirage. The speid itself is far larger than any MH and has no problem smashing opposing units to bits in a single swipe. It also carries two giant-sized spaads it can use to ward off attackers. The Jagd Mirage also has a special pair of "co-arms" it uses to brace itself when firing the Buster Launchers. These co-arms(it has 2 pairs for a total of 4) can also fight in melee combat, using their sharp claws to rake, or each co-arm can wield a melee weapon. The co-arms are also used to carry the Active Veils.

The Jagd Mirage is loaded with anti-vehicular and anti-MH weaponry. The most unusual of these weapons is known as the "Air Buster". An Air Buster is a weapon which uses a MH’s Ezlazer exhaust to blast the battlefield to create such effects as earthquakes, twisters, hurricanes and tidal waves. About ten seconds of Air Buster emission can seismically destroy a small town and in the Battle of Lake Hajas on Jüno, the Jagd's Air Buster blasted the lake bottom to stir up a tidal wave that washed away everything in sight around a body of water that would take just about the whole Japanese archipelago to fill in. Four Air Busters can be used simultaneously to create tornadoes and one can function as a smoke and chaff dispenser. (Note: while this may seem somewhat far-fetched it is feasible. Remember that Ezlaser power generates Anti-gravitic effects and it stands to reason that Joker technology is more than advanced enough to control gravity to the point of seismic manipulation. Also remember that weather control technology is an everyday thing in the Joker Galaxy, having been around for several millennia.)

The Jagd Mirage's main weapons are its huge "Twin Towers", the 2004mm EB-501 Buster Launchers, which are the most powerful weapon in the galaxy. The Busters are so powerful, they are capable of blowing away 5% of the planet Both in a single shot (from 1 cannon), and thus are capable of completely destroying smaller celestial bodies (such as moons, large asteroids etc). If used correctly, they can even destroy an entire planet (by blowing a hole to a planets core, then destroying the core itself).

Of course, Amaterasu knew that as soon as enemy agents found out about the destructive ability of the Twin Towers, they will be the target of every artillery piece on the field, and for that reason, the Twin Tower system is loaded with defensive weaponry and reflectors to repel laser ordinance. It mounts an "auxiliary" Buster launcher, the same scale as the one the Knight of Gold carries (but the Jagd's is not sawed-off, but full sized) it also mounts 2 anti-aircraft Biralkema Laser machinegun units (and 1 aimed at ground targets for a total of 3 Biralkemas) various laser cannons, 2 active veils (to block artillery fire aimed at the launchers) and 120mm homing missiles. All this is in addition to the weapon systems built into the Jagd Mirage's main body!

The Jagd Mirage comes "equipped" with various accessories, such as six robotic "Ejectors". These are remotely controlled satellite like drones that link with the Jagd's sensor system, which allows it to "see" completely in the area surrounding the Jagd Mirage. As long as the Ejectors are functional, there's no sneaking up on it! The Ejectors also extend its radar and sensing range allowing it to acquire targets at great distances. Additionally, the Jagd Mirage always comes with an escort of 1 Rouge Mirage (a special Mirage MH with powerful laser artillery) 1 LED Mirage and 1 Support LED (a maintenance MH?)

Despite all of the weaponry onboard the Jagd, its defensive capabilities aren't much better than your typical 15 meter tall MH. The Jagd Mirages armor is exactly the same stuff found on smaller MH's but is a bit thicker. However, because of the Jagd Mirages size, its armored frame had to be "skeletonized" which makes it a bit more fragile than a more solid frame, thus it isn't much tougher to damage than other units on the field. Now you know why it mounts all those weapons - self-defense.

Another unusual feature about the Jagd is that the piloting seat and the fatima cockpit are conjoined and housed in the same section of the MH. This special dual-cockpit resides in the Jagd's brain cavity, which usually houses information processing in addition to the Fatima cockpit, but in the Jagd Mirage, all the processors are located in the chest, the rest of the brain cavity is one huge gyroscope to keep the whole thing balanced.

The Green Demon was first used in J.C. 2992, during a mission to rescue Ladios Sop from the clutches of an evil diver named Di Barrow, who was being inadvertently controlled by the super-diver Bosjathforth. It made quick work of the Pied Piper mercenary knights who were piloting Blue Armors, and the Headdliner Maiya Sukat riding in the newly modified Zakker (converted to heavy armor). The Jagd Mirages were unveiled "officially" in 3007, but were not used on the field of battle again until 3159. The other Jagd Mirage is nicknamed the "Orange Dragon" and is assigned to the Orange Right section of the AKD’s Mirage Knights Corp (the Green Demon is assigned to the Green Left.). In 3239 both the Green Demon and Orange Dragon combine their firepower to destroy the planet Kallamity and in 3960 are involved in the battle for Jüno.

The Jagd Mirage represents the pinnacle of MH technology in the Galaxy. It will terrorize opponents on the field of battle for nearly 1,000 years.

Total Kills
MH Encounters: 72
BT Hits: 67
Planets Destroyed: 1

Bugle de’Leizer (Schaft) & Fatima Parthenon
Amaterasu dis Grees Sarion & Fatima Majer
Upandla Raymu & Fatima Parthenon

F.U. Rognar & Fatima Eatta
Amaterasu-no-Mikado & Fatima Est
(Data as of JC 3960)

Jagd Mirage
Jagd Mirage "Green Demon"
Mirage E: Mirage AUSF E1 [L]
Amaterasu no Mikado
AKD [personal MH of the Amaterasu Imperial Family]
Height without launchers:
43.9 meters
Height with launchers:
201.8 meters
Weight without launchers:
402 tons
Weight with launchers:
829 tons
3.3 trillion horsepower
Max Output:

1 Metrotekachrome Speid
2 Spaads
6 30mm six-shot repeating laser cannons
36 20mm laser cannons
2 30mm eyeball coaxial lasers
58 180mm grenade launchers (includes smoke and chaff grenades)
4 Air Buster launchers
6 Air Barriers
8 Barrier Shield generators
2 Bal-balas
2 Air Slicers
1 Flame Launcher
4 Seismic Vibrators
2 main and 4 auxiliary reflectors
Buster Units:

Main Launchers: 2004mm Polygonal Barrel System Buster Launchers EB-501
Auxiliary Launcher: 1 600mm Polygonal Barrel System Buster Launcher BB-99
Other Weaponry:

1 30mm Close range Biralkema laser machinegun system
2 30mm anti-aircraft Biralkema laser machinegun systems
6 Ballistic Course Adjustment Main Battery Laser Guide
2 Main Active Veils
1 Laser Reflector
2 30mm laser cannons
1 Anti-MH mace
5 120mm homing devices (missiles?)

6 Bodyguard Robot "Ejectors"
1 Rouge Mirage (Mirage A)
1 Support LED Mirage (Mirage BJ)
1 LED Mirage (Mirage B)

The Green Demon

The Orange Dragon

Special thanks to Nu Soard Graphite for the mortar headd profile.