The Junchoon was designed by Colus XXIII, in order to replace the previous Colus flag mortar headd, the Engage Octaver (which is in the hands of Arr Fortissimo Melody). The original design by Colus (usually referred to as the Junchoon First Sally Type) was underpowered, because it mounted a standard Berlin engine, which proved to be insufficient to power both the flight booster and Peidol Spire simultaneously, as well as other systems. In its first outing, it was nearly destroyed by the Yellow Boowray. It was later refitted and adjusted by Ladios Sop, who outfitted it with a pair of LED Mirage ezlazer engines (number AKD0037), which gave it the power boost it needed. After having the LED Mirage engines installed the Junchoon was also called the Judgement Mirage. After this upgrade, Sop commented that he may have inadvertently created the galaxy’s most powerful mortar headd (fatima Clotho has the ability to sync completely with any mortar headd she controls).

The Junchoon is also fitted with a full flight system. Thus, it is highly maneuverable in atmospheric flight.

In the final battle of the Colus Hagooda War the Junchoon was badly damaged by a Siren F who managed to remove most of the armor around the head. This revealed a more human-looking face that was a part of the Junchoon’s internal components (pictured below). The Junchoon will receive a tune up in JC 4000 before facing the Knight of Gold II in battle giving it the name ODK (October Destroyed Kid). This final version of the Junchoon is sometimes also called the Last Junchoon.

Junchoon (sometimes "Juh-noon")
Engage Series: SR-2
Colus Empire (also called Trio de Colus)
14.5 meters
122 tons
unknown (possibly more than 2.3 trillion horsepower)
The Junchoon possesses the standard compliment of mortar headd weaponry. In addition to this, the Junchoon is the first mortar headd outfitted with a "Peidol Spire", a powerful, long-range beam weapon in the shape of a lance.

First Sally Type

After Sop’s Upgrade

ODK / Last Junchoon

Production Sketches

Special thanks to Nu Soard Graphite for the mortar headd profile and Redcomet0093 for images.