Allen Braford

Allen Braford

A Swordmaster and superior tracker, Allen Braford was at one time a mercenary headdliner who could not gain permanent employment with any knight corps of decent standing. This was due to him being used particularly poorly by his original employers during his youth, which spoiled his reputation as a knight. Despite his superior combat skills, Sir Braford was resigned to a life of obscurity and shame, believing he would never attain the fame and fortune of other knights.

This changed when he went to work for a despotic diver by the name of Di Barrow. Di Barrow hired Braford to do boorish grunt-work, as was his lot in life. Di Barrow ordered Braford to fire on a civilian vessel which spotted the diver’s dorrey and thus began a chain of events that would change Sir Braford’s life for the better.

Ultimately, Braford became FEMC #21 and one of the most famous headdliners of all time. His sword skills rank as one of the highest and are spoken of in the same reverence as the likes of Roados Dragoon, Deimos Hierarchy and Dougulus Kaien.

It may be that Allen Braford is himself descended of the missing royal families of Kastenpo, now an autonomous region on Both. He is married to FEMC #23, Qukey. He pilots a Terror Mirage and his fatima is Ballanche masterpiece no. 17, Kyo.


Special thanks to Nu Soard Graphite for the character profile.