Roados Dragoon
2nd Black Knight

Roados Dragoon

A headdliner of incredible skill and grace, Sir Dragoon is the swordsmanship instructor to the Colus Dynasty and at least four other nations as well. Often mentioned with the likes of Deimos Hierarchy, Roados Dragoon was the 2nd headdliner chosen by Est to become the Black Knight.

Roados Dragoon was very close to Colus XXIII, meeting him during his college years and training the young crown prince during his physical rehabilitation at Dr. Morard’s estate. After the young prince’s recovery, Sir Dragoon accompanied him on a six year tour of the galaxy, instructing him in both swordsmanship and headdliner etiquette.

Roados Dragoon finally met his match in 2990, by the likes of one Decors Weissmel, a headdliner prodigy from Kastenpo. Ironically, Weissmel is fated to replace the man he killed as the 3rd Black Knight.


Special thanks to Nu Soard Graphite for the character profile.