The Black Knight

It is said that at one time a famous mortar headd meight was doing research in the area of pairing a fatima with a specific mortar headd, rather than a fatima choosing her master based on their own compatibility. This meight was Rowmiran Xbin, the top mortar headd designer of the 2800’s. Contacting the top graduate of the Baltic Academy, Dr. Morard Carbyte, Rowmiran Xbin went to work designing a top-grade mortar headd and Dr. Carbyte began work on the fatima that would compliment it.

The end results were the Vatshu and fatima Est with the Synchronize Flutter. When paired with Vatshu, Est’s already high Power Gauge ratings were boosted into the stratosphere. This significantly increased her value as a partner, but only when paired with the Vatshu itself. Thus it became a tradition that the headdliner whom Est recognized as her master would inherit the Vatshu.

The reaction of the galaxy’s elite was unexpected to say the least. Headdliners began to duel for the right to impress fatima Est. Bloody battles were fought over who would gain possession of Vatshu and its co-pilot. Even the mortar headd designer died during this period, supposedly of mental exhaustion, but rumors persist of an assassination by a headdliner seeking the whereabouts of the Vatshu.

In order to put a stop to the violence and chaos, fatima Est was put into the care of the Colus royal family on Juno and none other than the Kensei, Deimos Hierarchy was called in from Addler to take possession of the Vatshu until such a time that fatima Est find her true master. As Deimos Hierarchy piloted Vatshu he created the mortar headd sword technique Breakdown Typhoon (aka Black Storm) which Est teaches to each headdliner she chooses as her master.

After years of wandering, Est finally found her first master... The first headdliner in the galaxy to be called The Black Knight.

Black Knights in Chronological Order
  1. Tsuri Peidoll
  2. Roados Dragoon
  3. Decors Weissmel
  4. Buntline Gore
  5. Grard Sydmian

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