Vralgo Kentauri

Vralgo Kentauri

The leader of the Fillmore Empire’s Kneu Syltiss Red Group, Vralgo Kentauri was an ace pilot on par with Barbeleuse V and was considered one of Emperor Lader’s favorite knights. During the Colus-Hagooda war, Fillmore was covertly assisting Hagooda by providing financial aid and assistance in the form of "mercenaries". These mercenaries were in actuality Fillmore headdliners in disguise. The most famous of which were the Rainbow Boowray Mercenaries, lead by none other than Vralgo Kentauri.

In his youth, Colus XXIII had an incident with sir Kentauri, where Kentauri wounded the young king. Colus regained his honor by out drawing Kentauri in full public and embarrassing him. Kentauri swore to get revenge on the Colus king for besmirching his honor.

During the final battle of the war, Kentauri and Colus once again faced each other and Kentauri dealt Colus a fatal blow, but was soon killed himself by the power of Clotho and the enraged Junchoon.

As a Kneu Syltiss group leader, Kentauri piloted a Siren F. As a Rainbow Boowray mercenary, he piloted the Red Boowray.


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