Grard Sydmian
5th Black Knight

Grard Sydmian

Sir Grard Sydmian is the 5th Black Knight chosen by Est. He is the battle-leader of the Anti-Amaterasu forces on Juno during the subjugation of the galaxy by the AKD in J.C. 3900’s. After the destruction of Colus forces, Sir Sydmian managed to escape with the Symbol of Colus: Junchoon and hide it, though he was soon discovered by fledgling Mirage Knight, Karer Chrysalis (a descendant of Leopard Chrysalis).

After a 65 hour battle agains the young Chrysalis riding in a LED Mirage co-piloted by fatima Teata, who was created by Dr. Ballanche to specifically match against Est, the Vatshu was brought to its knees and the 5th Black Knight was mortally wounded. Est chose to forever sleep with her master and her one and only love in the galaxy; the Vatshu. Does the story of Vatshu and Est and the legacy of the Black Knight end here?


Special thanks to Nu Soard Graphite for the character profile.