The Auge was the second of the "ultimate" mortar headds Amaterasu created in his quest to perfect the Knight of Gold. He created it with the intention of giving it to Dougulus Kaien when he reached an appropriate age, however Kaien decided to inherit the Water Dragon (renaming it the Schpeltor) and Sop left the Auge at Ballanche’s estate and promptly forgot about it.

In 2992, Atropos uses the Auge to defend Sop and the fledgling LED Dragon, Suezo, from capture at the hands of Allen Braford and his Apache. There has been mention of an even more powerful mortar headd known as the Grand Auge. During the Majestic Stand in J.C. 3030 a mysterious mortar headd also known as the Auge appears and strikes fear in the hearts of headdliners who face it. Rumor has it, this Auge is not a mortar headd, but an ancient and powerful Machine Messiah; an ancient relic left behind by the Super Empire.

The Auge is equipped with a system known as "active veils". Its active veils are unique in that they consist of six independently moving arms on each shoulder (for a total of 12 "arms") which can move to intercept incoming attacks. They also project a barrier shield to reduce damage to the veil arms themselves. This system is considered old-fashioned as most headdliners rely on their quick reflexes to avoid attack, however such a system in the hands of a capable headdliner/fatima team can make a mortar headd practically unbeatable.

When the Knight of Gold and Lachesis disappear in JC 3239 a heartbroken Amaterasu uses the saved data and ezlazer engine components remaining from the destroyed Auge to make the Knight of Gold 2.

Auge Arusqull
Mirage X: KOG v2.0 "Arusqull"
Ladios Sop
13.9 meters
96 tons
2.0 trillion horsepower
Active veils. Typical compliment of mortar headd weaponry.


Special thanks to Nu Soard Graphite for the mortar headd profile.